Architectural Design

Architectural Design Services

  • Building Design
    • Conceptual Design: Greenfield Architects, Ltd., will conduct the necessary meetings and interviews through the programming phase to further develop and refine the building program and land use requirements that will be used for design.
    • Codes: Greenfield Architects, Ltd., will review building code requirements and assist with any exhibits and documentation necessary for land development approvals if applicable.
    • Schematic Design: Greenfield Architests, Ltd., schematic design services typically includesplans, elevations, and outline of materials which illustrates the scale and relationship of project components. An outline of structural, mechanical, and fire protection systems is typically provided. The schematic design will be based upon the approved architectural program.  These documents will be the basis for schematic design pricing if required. Three dimensional wire frame building design models are also produced at this time if necessary.
    • Design Development: Greenfield Architects, Ltd., design development services typically includes developing the approved schematic design documents, budget, and authorized modifications, as required to comply with the Owner’s budget. The documents will be further developed and will include additional building components, including building sections and wall sections to depict the system for the building envelope and cladding. The structural calculations, foundation plans and framing plans will also be developed, along with the mechanical and fire protection system layouts, and initial specifications. These documents will be the basis for design development pricing, if required. Three dimensional drawings will be further developed if required.
    • Construction Documents and Specifications: Greenfield Architects, Ltd., construction document services typically includes developing the approved design development documents, budget, and authorized modifications, as required to comply with the owner’s budget. Construction documents will include all plans, elevations, building sections, wall sections, details, & schedules needed for architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical drawings and specifications for competitive prime contract bidding and building permit submission. The final construction documents may also include value engineering alternates as determined by project scope and budget to provide owner flexibility. Upon completion of the construction document phase, the architect and sub-consultants will prepare signed & sealed documents for governmental authority reviewing as part of the building permit process.
    • Bidding and Negotiation: Greenfield Architects, Ltd., will assist in obtaining competitive prime contract bids, and will assist in negotiating, awarding, and preparing contracts for construction. A bid analysis may be performed depending on the coverage of each prime contract and the need for bid analysis. Greenfield Architects, Ltd., will assist in coordinating bid packages and solicitations to assure maximum participation of all qualified bidders. Greenfield will attend Pre-bid conferences with contractors to assure a thorough understanding of scope by all contractors.
    • Construction Administration: CA work encompasses a wide variety of activities to support the Prime Contractors. Greenfield’s extensive construction administration experience enables us to effectively support our clients throughout the entire period of construction and to confirm compliance with construction documents.  Construction Administration services typically include, but is not limited to, the following:
      1. Participate in Pre-Construction Meeting.
      2. Assist the Prime Contractors with Requests for Information (RFI’s).  Provide related clarification sketches as required.
      3. Keep Owner informed on the progress of the work.  Prepare a field report for each visit to the site to document current activities, weather conditions, progress, and deficient items that need to be corrected by each Prime Contractor.
      4. Receive shop drawing submittals; review, take appropriate action, and return to each Prime Contractor.
      5. Maintain shop drawing submittal log.
      6. Receive and review the Prime Contractor’s application for payments.
      7. Review Prime Contractor’s proposed cost for changes.
      8. Receive from the Prime Contractors notification of substantial completion and list of items to be completed or corrected.
      9. Inspect the project to confirm substantial completion.
      10. Respond to the Prime Contractor’s punch list of remaining work to be repaired or completed.
      11. Request that the Prime Contractors submit project closeout documents.
      12. Review the Prime Contractor’s request for final payment application and conduct a field review of the project to confirm completion.
      13. Perform post-construction services in accordance with the Owner-Architect Agreement.